Chael Sonnen Details Biting Opponent During Wrestling Match

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With all the news about the UFC double-header weekend, some of us may have forgotten that the World Cup is also going down in Brazil at the moment. Further to that, there has been some pretty greasy stuff going down on the pitch. The Liverpool and Uruguay star Luis Suarez was the top scorer in the last domestic season, but has been making waves for all the wrong reasons during this World Cup.

Suarez bit Italian defender Georgio Chiellini during the meeting of the teams on June 24, making this the third time that the Liverpool FC striker has chomped down on a player on TV. Somewhat confusing considering the offense happened completely out of the blue, or at least it appeared to. The foul play was actually analysed by Chael Sonnen on UFC’s Fox Sports Live this past Wednesday, as transcribed by

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“Lets start with what happened on the soccer field,” said Sonnen. “To bite someone in the course of battle at least somehow makes some kind of sense. To walk up behind a guy and just bite into his shoulder is just a very weird thing to do. I’ve never experienced it in the Octagon, but I have experienced it in wrestling matches,” Sonnen revealed. “I’ll be quite honest, I’ve been on both sides of it. That’s right. I’m very shady.”

During a fight, I can understand that emotions and the heat of the moment can take over, but I agree with the two-time UFC title challenger as far as the circumstances with Suarez. To calmly stroll up to a man and then bite him, very hard too, is indicative of some sort of mental problem. Uncle Chael continued to regale us:

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“Now, they stuck their finger in my mouth,” said Sonnen. “He put his finger in my mouth and was trying to give me the old fishhook, so I gave him just a little, gentle bite to let him know, ‘I will chomp on this thing should you not remove your finger.’ Shady.”

Whether he will ever be able to continue his shady business in the UFC is yet to be seen, but the ‘American Gangster’ will get his chance to shine in the grappling world soon. Booked in to face Andre Galvao at Metamoris 4, it seems Chael Sonnen’s MMA trash talk could soon be a thing of the past.