Sergio Pettis is eyeing a return to the Octagon in October, and at flyweight.

Pettis last fought back in December where he had lost his UFC bantamweight debut by decision to Rob Font. Then, the former flyweight was expected to return at UFC Minneapolis, once again at bantamweight, but got hurt and had to pull out of the fight.

Now, Pettis is looking to get back to action in October and will move back down to 125 pounds:

“We just talked to his management team and we’re seeking to get on the San Francisco card,” Duke Roufus recently told MMA Fighting. “He’s looking to return to flyweight as well. I was with Henry Cejudo at a UFC pool party and I said, ‘Hey, thanks for saving the flyweight division.’

“I mean, the UFC said it didn’t go away, but it really did go away, they cut a lot of fighters, but Sergio wants to return to flyweight. He had a lot of success there.”

Duke Roufus, his coach, is all for Pettis making the cut back down to flyweight. He believes that it’s his natural weight class, which is supported by all the success he has seen in the division:

“It’s just he’s going through a weird phase of his life,” Roufus said. “I think when he was younger, in between fights he was maybe a little less disciplined. He turns 26 next month and he lives a very disciplined lifestyle year-round. He’s very fit, does a lot of running, I just see that he’s changed as an athlete.

“My point is when he went to bantamweight he didn’t actually gain that much weight to become a bantamweight, which is weird. He would have had to go on a serious lifting regime to maintain the strength at bantamweight. … Sergio’s my dear friend, my teammate. Sergio, you want to be a flyweight, you’re gonna be a flyweight.

“Once I dial my head into whatever these guys want, I support them. Is lightweight a tough weight cut for Paul Felder? Yes, it is, but if Paul Felder wants to fight at lightweight, we’re fighting at lightweight and that’s what I do. I support my people.”

Who do you think Sergio Pettis should fight upon returning to flyweight?