Sean Strickland Accuses Pat Barry Of Grooming Rose Namajunas

Sean Strickland

UFC Middleweight Sean Strickland contender is still taking shots at Pat Barry and Rose Namajunas for their relationship that started when she was 18.

Barry and Namajunas are 13 years apart in age and they met each other when she was a teenager. Strickland has gone on the record saying that their relationship was weird. Barry had said that the comment Strickland had made before the fight messed with her mentality going into the fight. Barry and Namajunas are engaged and soon to be married, but Strickland has come out to say that everything he said was true and he wasn’t in the wrong.

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The quote that Barry is referring to was when Strickland compared the two coaches to Harvey Weinstein. “Is Jim West and Pat Berry (sic) the Weinstine of MMA? Or is Michael Jackson a better comparison…@netflix is currently contacting @TheAspenLadd and @rosenamajunas for a TV series lol!!!!! OK, I’m done gotta spar..”

“Here’s the thing guys 99 percent of what I say is usually wrong.. This is not that time.. @rosenamajunas@TheAspenLadd like my post if you need help. I’ll treat Pat Berry and Jim West like they treat minor.. Without consent, although it won’t be behind closed doors lmao!”

Sean Strickland has taken to Twitter to call out Pat Barry and even went on to say that he groomed Namajunas

“Do you understand what fucking grooming means?… I’m just stating the facts that he groomed Rose Namajunas and you (Matt Mitrione) defending him you f*cking loser. Why don’t we check what’s on your laptop? And Jim West, you’re the same f*cking weirdo. I don’t understand why nobody talks about you, but we all know what you’re doing.” Strickland said in a video he posted to Twitter.

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Are you on Sean Strickland’s side of this?