Sean O’Malley Wants To Follow In Floyd Mayweather’s Footsteps

Sean O'Malley

‘Sugar Sean O’Malley is without a doubt the biggest breakout star in all of MMA right now. The rising Bantamweight contender has put on a striking clinic almost every time he’s stepped into the octagon, most recently doing so in a spectacular performance at UFC 269 over Raulian Paiva even catching eyes of the boss Dana White.

O’Malley recently revealed his post retirement plans in an interview with Michael Bisping. The 27-year-old superstar is intrigued by big money exhibition fights much like Floyd Mayweather.

“Yeah, I think for me, when it’s all said and done and I’m gonna compete for the last time, it’s gonna be tough, or at least compete in the octagon. I’m sure I’ll find ways, you know, I’ll probably compete jiu-jitsu until I’m way older. But competing in the octagon for the last time will be very tough.

I wanna do it as long as I can, so you know, I’m thinking I can push it 36, 36, 37, around there. Super fights like, you know, you [Michael Bisping] vs. [Anderson] Silva. Super fights like that. I think I wanna build my profile that high to where I can do those big crazy fights, you know. You see [Floyd] Mayweather doing wild exhibitions and stuff right now. That’s gonna be me. I’m gonna enjoy doing that stuff.”

Sean O’Malley Wants To Return To The Octagon In March Or April

O’Malley also touched on the topic of when he will be fighting next, explaining that he wanted to take some time off and get back in the cage around March or April with an opponent not in mind for the Suga Show.

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“I fought three times last year, three times this year. I feel like every day, I just have a fight coming up. So I’m just gonna enjoy this and try to not book a fight and just enjoy being with my family and my little princess. And I’m sure I’ll fight in March, April. Who will it be? I don’t know. Doesn’t really matter. As long as the Suga Show is fighting, I don’t really think people care too much who I’m fighting.” (Transcribed by Sportskeeda)

You can catch the full sit down with Michael Bisping below!

Who and When do you think Sean O’Malley sees next in the Octagon?