Sean O’Malley thinks Marlon Vera looked “so slow” during his Fight of the Night win over Davey Grant at UFC Vegas 29 this past weekend.

‘Suga’ squared off against Vera at UFC 252 in August 2020. The fight started off with both trying to get each others timing down early on. Vera then started beating up O’Malley’s lead leg pretty bad with calf kicks. Eventually, in the first round, O’Malley suffered an ankle injury that rendered him one footed. He would fall to the mat on his back and get finished by Vera with strikes from the top.

After this fight, O’Malley and many of his fans were calling for an immediate rematch because of the injury. Meanwhile, Vera and many of his supporters said the Ecuadorian fighter should move on and move up the rankings to find a new opponent. Both would eventually move on and find different opponents for their next fights. Vera would go on to drop a decision loss to Jose Aldo in December of 2020. O’Malley did not come back until UFC 260, where he knocked out Thomas Almeida.

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Vera has since bounced back from his defeat to the former featherweight fashion, avenging his 2015 defeat to Englishman Davey Grant. However, his old rival was not particualry impressed with Vera’s performance at UFC Vegas 29.

“What I took from that fight is f**k, Davey Grant’s a tough motherf***r, dude,” O’Malley said on a video posted on his YouTube channel. “That is Chito’s style, just gets beat up for a little bit, and then people get tired of beating him up, and then he comes on in the later rounds. But, yeah, I took an edible so I was really high but I was trying to fast forward like is this in slow motion? He looked so slow. Who does he have next? He called out Dominick, will he get that, no. Dom already said he’s trying to fight up.” (Transcribed by

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Do you agree with Sean O’Malley? Did Marlon Vera look slow at UFC Vegas 29?

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