Sean O’Malley says Petr Yan hit him the ‘hardest’ he has ever been hit: “Boom! I got rocked”

sean o'malley

Sean O’Malley proclaims Petr Yan’s defense as ‘high level as it gets’ following their UFC 280 bout.

It is now over a week removed from Petr Yan and Sean O’Malley’s bout which has been overshadowed by the controversial decision. During the bout, both men would exchange serious firepower over the 15 minutes, stunning each other throughout.

On his podcast, O’Malley said that Yan hit him the hardest that he has ever been hit, praising the Russian for his skills.

Just f*cking cracked me bro,” O’Malley began. “That’s definitely the hardest I’ve ever been hit. I didn’t go out or didn’t not know where I was at. I remember, boom I got rocked and then we kinda got into a scramble and I ended up on my back closed my guard and held him there.”

“I don’t think I did anything wrong, it just how good that motherfucker is. I don’t think I over-committed, you know re-watching it, I wasn’t like fuck I wish I didn’t do that, the motherf****r’s just that good dude.”

O’Malley said that in reflection he wouldn’t do anything differently, saying that hurting Yan the way he did is an achievement in itself.

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“I’m good at finding peoples chins, that’s the name of the game that’s what I’m so good as doing and finding his chin. The motherf****er’s defence dude is as high level as it gets. So the fact that I did find his chin and I did drop him.”

“He’s fought some killers that haven’t done shit to him and I was able to drop him so I don’t know if would really do anything different”

Whether you agree with the decision or not, O’Malley belongs at the top of the division and now with a No.1 ranking 28-years-old could find himself fighting for gold next.

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Sean O’Malley talking on his podcast

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