Scott Coker Happy To Book Jake Paul vs. Dillon Danis

Jake Paul

Bellator President, Scott Coker has criticised YouTuber, Jake Paul as he continues to call out Mixed martial artists who specialise in grappling, for a boxing match. (H/T MMA Fighting.)

Jake Paul has recently become infamous in the MMA world. He recently beat Basketballer, Nate Robinson in a boxing match in which he took his professional record to 2-0, the other win coming against a fellow YouTuber.

Jake Paul has since gone on to call out several MMA fighters including the Notorious Conor McGregor who hasn’t even acknowledged the callouts.

Paul has also found himself arguing with several other MMA fighters including Michael Bisping, Dillon Danis and Ben Askren.

Bellator President, Scott Coker recently angered Ben Askren when he picked Jake Paul to beat him in a boxing match but Coker has cleared up his comments by claiming they were meant as criticism to Paul.

While Coker believes that Jake Paul would beat Ben Askren in a boxing match, he believes Askren would win in an MMA fight.

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Speaking to MMA Fighting, Coker said: “Listen first of all, Ben Askren, I know you’re mad because of what I said. I apologize, It was directly at [you] but the result, no diminishing of your accolades and all your victories and success in MMA. My only point with the Paul guys, Jake and Logan, these guys are really taking this very seriously. They’re in the gym, they’re boxing everyday. They’re surrounded by some serious boxing coaches and serious boxers. World class level and this is what they do.”

“My only point when he said he wanted to fight Ben Askren, you already know what’s going to happen. Because to me, they are picking wrestlers or jiu-jitsu guys that they have an advantage over. That was really my point.”

Scott Coker also went on to call out Jake Paul, insisting he fights one of Bellator’s more notable strikers such as Douglas Lima, instead of calling out grapplers like Ben Askren and Dillon Danis.

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“Why don’t you fight one of our guys like Douglas Lima, who can strike, too? Why don’t pick one of our strikers? Why don’t you fight a guy like Ryan Bader, who can strike or [Vadim] Nemkov, who can strike.”

“They’re definitely going after some of our MMA guys and just trying to picking the wrestler or the jiu-jitsu guy that will put them at a severe disadvantage. To me, that was more my point.”

Coker also called on Jake Paul to utilise his background in wrestling and fight an MMA bout.

“You guys are great wrestlers, too, they wrestled in high school or maybe in college in Ohio. I hear they’re from Ohio. Great wrestling program there. Why don’t you guys fight in MMA? Why do the MMA fighters always have to go to boxing? Why can’t it be the other way around?”

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“So to me, that was my question. That’s what the remark was and what Ben responded to. It’s all good, it’s water under the bridge and everybody moves forward. But if he is really going to fight Logan, I still feel that he’s at a disadvantage because he’s not a striker.”

Scott Coker also said he would be happy to promote any fight between Dillon Danis and Jake Paul.

“To me, come fight an MMA fighter in MMA or come fight an MMA fighter that really can strike, I’d love to see that. Let’s do one and one. You guys fight them in boxing. You want to fight Dillon Danis, go ahead. But come back and fight him in MMA and be fair about it. It shouldn’t just be a one way street.”

Do you think Danis and Jake Paul will ever fight and if they do, who wins?