Sanny Dahlbeck: solid southpaw representing Sweden in Glory First 16

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Sanny Dahlbeck (23-4) is a Muay Thai fighter from Stockholm, Sweden. He is one of 16 fighters who will be competing in the Glory First 16 event scheduled for May 26  2012 in Sweden against Max Vorovski of Estonia.

Dahlbeck, a southpaw, is known for having an extremely solid left hand which is responsible for 14 of his wins by KO or TKO. According to Dahlbeck, he is equally strong on his right-side. He took some time from his busy training schedule to talk with

How did you get started in kickboxing?

I started Muay Thai at Slagskeppet in Stockholm in 2006, when I moved back to Sweden after living in Spain with my family for 2.5 years.

What are some of your strengths as a fighter?
My strengths are that I never give up. I fight with a big heart and I always want to give the crowd a good show.

Your record is impressive, What are some of your more memorable fights?
My most memorable fight against David Teymur in the Swedish championships in 2009. It was my first time competing there and I was 17. Winning that fight meant so much to me. If you type in David Teymur on youtube, you can see the fight there. The title of the video is” “David Teymur: Battle of Sweden part one and two”.

What was your “proudest moment” inside the ring?
That would be the Swedish Championships 2009 or Rumble of the Kings 2011 in Hovet in Stockholm, when I won the WMC Nordic title in a 4-man tournament. The first fight I knocked-out Pasi Luukanen with a spinning elbow, and I won the second fight against Martin Ahktar.

Have you learned anything in martial arts that has helped you outside the ring, in real-life?
Martial arts helps me all the time, it give me confidence. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone, I feel safe wherever I go, and it gives me peace in my head after a good training session!

Tell me about Glory First 16, it seems like a real diverse international card. How do you feel being a part of it?
I feel really happy about it, being given the chance to compete with the best fighters in the world.

You live in Sweden, so will this be like a “home town” fight for you?
Yes, Stockholm is my hometown, and fighting here means a lot to me. I will have lots of friends and fans coming to Ericsson Globe to see me. I hope to not let them down!

Do you know your opponent?
I just know that he is really good, and I expect nothing else but that from this promotion. When you arrive at a certain level, you have to expect that everyone you fight will be good.

How do you feel going into this fight?
It will be fun to see what happens. I feel good, nervous and happy all at the same time. I mean, I am young but I have been given the chance to be in this tournament, which has to mean that I have done something right at least.