Ronda Rousey Makes Dangerous 17 Pound Weight Cut To Prove A Point

Ronda Rousey UFCRonda Rousey has raised a lot of eyebrows with her attitude since starting the first mixed gender season of The Ultimate Fighter; tears, tantrums and bucket loads of beef have contributed to one of the most storied seasons of TUF ever.

Another story coming from this season is a dramatic 17 pound weight cut by one of the fighters, performed in just 24 hours; in between challenges. So why the huge weight cut? To prove a point. Yes you guessed it, the fighter in question is Ronda Rousey. She made the dramatic weight cut to prove a point to Anthony Gutierrez, who had given up on his effort to make weight for the fight with David Grant this week.

Check out the story as told by Jessamyn Duke:

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“Anthony tried to say that it just wasn’t possible for him to cut the weight because he had screwed up on his diet. But here’s the thing, he could have made it. He left the gym the night before at 144, which is well within a range to make the weight. There is a science to cutting weight and lots of things that we as fighters can do to make it easier on ourselves, but the BIGGEST factor in the weight cut is your mental fortitude…and this is what Ronda wanted to prove.”

“She jumped on the scale after Anthony missed weight and was 152 pounds. Without any sort of prep (diet, water loading, sodium loading/cutting, etc.) jumped in the sauna and was in there for FIVE hours before it was time to go to the coaches challenge. Yes, Ronda Rousey cut weight in the sauna for five hours, went to a rock climbing challenge, won, and then went BACK to the sauna that night and cut some more.”

“The next day when it was time for Jessica and Raquel to fight, she was at the gym before anyone else arrived and was back in the sauna cutting weight. When the rest of us arrived she was sitting at 136 pounds in the locker room. I watched her warm up Rakoczy for her fight while on weight and then step on the scale in front of Dana and be 135 pounds. She did this to prove a point.”

Rousey leading by example, makes a 24 hour weight cut of 17 pounds to prove a point! This could possibly be one of the biggest ‘Told ya so’ stunts I have ever heard of; also one of the most dangerous too. The editing of the show would suggest that Dana White talked Rousey out of the cut, but Duke reveals that was all for show.

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With a fight against nemesis Meisha Tate booked for the Finale in December, it may be a foolish move to be cutting such loads of weight unnecessarily. I hope this doesn’t effect Rousey’s performance on fight night. Ed note: Anthony Gutierrez needs to man the f*ck up.

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