Ron Frazier – MMA Coach

Ron Frazier
Gym: Xtreme Couture/Tapout Training Center
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Martial Arts Background: Boxing
Notable Fighters: Randy Couture, Forrest Griffin, Vitor Belfort

Ron Frazier’s beginnings in martial arts

Ron Frazier began training boxing at the University of Nevada Las Vegas under Professor Skipper Help. He was attending UNLV on a basketball scholarship, while majoring to become a strength and conditioning coach.

When Frazier wasn’t on the basketball court, he was training and studying the sport of boxing. After graduating, he spent some time playing professionally overseas before coming back to the US.

Ron Frazier becomes a boxing coach

Las Vegas has been an epicenter for fighting for decades and MMA was huge there. Many fighters lived there and trained there.

Naturally with his background as a trainer with boxing experience, Ron Frazier would come in contact with fighters wanting to train. One of the first fighters that began training boxing with Ron was fighter Mike “quicksand” Pyle.

Then through Pyle, Frazier would begin working with UFC hall of famer Randy Couture.

Frazier becomes Xtreme Couture’s boxing coach

Ron Frazier developed a great relationship with Randy Couture and helped him train for some of his fights in the UFC. Out of the blue one day, he gets a call from Randy that he was opening his own MMA gym.

It was going to open in Las Vegas and Randy wanted to know if Ron wanted to be the boxing coach. Frazier quickly jumped at the opportunity and a whole new journey started for theU UNLV graduate.

Pretty soon Ron Frazier began training a who’s who of prominent fighters that fought in the UFC. Everyone from Randy Couture, Mike Pyle, Forrest Griffin, Frank Trigg, and later Vitor Belfort, and Yoshiro Akiyama.

Ron Frazier’s tenure at Xtreme Couture

Ron Frazier would be the boxing coach at Xtreme Couture from 2007-2012. He was a prominent figure in the camps of some of the best fighters in the world.

Being part of all of the championship fight camps during this time including Randy Couture’s 2nd heavyweight title run. Also coaching on the 16th season of The Ultimate Fighter for Roy Nelson’s team.

He had a great tenure as the boxing coach at Xtreme Couture, but decided to step down in 2012. Wanting to pursue other opportunities and open up his own business.

Ron Frazier would have a short stint as a trainer at the Tapout Training Center before the gym closed its doors. Today, Ron runs his own personal training business and still trains fighters from time to time.

Notable Fighters

Frazier helped train many of the best MMA fighters in the world for almost a decade. This includes names like Randy Couture, Forrest Griffin, Mike Pyle, Amir Sadollah, Tim Elliot, Jay Hieron, and Ray Sefo.

Randy Couture

Randy “the natural” Couture trained boxing frequently with Ron and developed a relationship with him. So much so that he invited Frazier to be the boxing coach at his Las Vegas gym Xtreme Couture in 2007.

Ron would work closely with Randy in the last run of his career. Starting with his incredible return from retirement to face Tim Sylvia for the heavyweight title.

Already a legend in the sport and deep into his 40s, fans were hesitant to see Couture fight again. But he showed to have infinitely improved his striking skills and dropped Sylvia in the first exchange.

From there, he would use feints to land big shots and take the champion down. Earning a dominant decision win and winning his historic 3rd UFC title. Randy credited Frazier for improving his striking game.

From there, Randy would continue working with Ron until he finally retired in 2011. Capping off a legendary career that spanned over two decades.

Forrest Griffin

Another fan favorite that Frazier worked with was the original TUF winner Forrest Griffin. Forrest would live and train in Las Vegas after winning the inaugural season of TUF. Later training with Randy and Ron after Xtreme Couture opened in 2006.

Griffin would start his career in the UFC with 3 wins before losing a controversial decision to Tito Ortiz. Then go 1-1 before training with Ron at Xtreme Couture.

Forrest would win 2 straight and become a coach on the Ultimate Fighter against champ Rampage Jackson. He was a heavy underdog in their title fight, but he would upset Jackson. Becoming the 2nd TUF competitor to go on to win a UFC championship.

He would continue fighting going 3-2 in his last 5 fights before retiring in 2012 to work with the UFC.

Vitor Belfort

The youngest champion in UFC history, Vitor Belfort came to train at Xtreme Couture in 2008. Looking to revitalize his career and get back to the UFC.

After winning 2 fights with the short lived Affliction promotion, the Phenom was back in the UFC. Making his return by knocking out former middleweight champion Rich Franklin.

Vitor would then lose a middleweight title bout with Anderson Silva, but bounce back with 2 wins. Beating Akiyama by KO and Anthon Johnson by RNC.

In Frazier’s last year with Xtreme Couture, Belfort would face Jon Jones for the light heavyweight title.Almost winning the match by armbar before being submitted by the champion.

Ron Frazier’s legacy

Ron Frazier had an unusual journey to becoming a prominent boxing coach to top MMA fighters. He just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Frazier would work with numerous UFC champions and top fighters while working at Xtreme Couture. At the time the gym was one of the best in the world and Frazier was one of the reasons for that.

After leaving Xtreme Couture, Ron Frazier coached at the Tapout Training Center and then House of Ryu after Tapout closed. Today, Frazier runs his own business PHD Athletics, but on occasion still helps train fighters.