Robbie Lawler Hands Nick Diaz Third Round Knockout Loss – UFC 266 Highlights

Robbie Lawler

Former UFC welterweight champion, Robbie Lawler has avenged his April 2004 knockout loss to former WEC and Strikeforce welterweight kingpin, Nick Diaz, handing the Stockton favorite a third round knockout defeat.

A real aggressive start from former champion, Lawler backs Diaz up to the fence in the opening round who punches look labored already.

Despite that, the Stockton native managed to throw in excess of 150 strikes in the opening round against Lawler, with the pair engaging in a strict boxing match so far.

Lawler scores some more good work in the second round, appearing to hurt Diaz’s body with a well-placed kick. Lawler really yet to take a step back, while Diaz is attempting to counter off the fence continuously, still looking quite labored with his punches.

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Early in the third round, Lawler appears to land well with a check right hook, sending Diaz to one knee before the Stockton native reverted to his back. When beckoned to return to his feet by referee, Jason Herzog to return to his feet, Diaz, who appears to have suffered a broken nose, refused — resulting in a TKO loss.

Below, catch Lawler’s third round knockout win over Diaz.