Road House original actor critiques fight scenes involving UFC star Conor McGregor: ‘They’re a little off to me’

Marshall Teague questions Conor McGregor's fighting scenes in new Road House film UFC

Star of the original Roadhouse, Marshal Teague, discusses Conbor McGregor’s role in the upcoming remake of the 1989 classic. 

The first footage of Conor McGregor’s starring role in the new film was just released in a form of a short trailer in which the Irishman begins a bar brawl before headbutting co-star Jake Gyllenhaal. The film is set to premiere on March 8, then will be available on March 21 via Prime Video.

It will be McGregor’s big screen debut, but by the looks of it the 35-year-old seems perfectly suited this role.

Marshall Teague discusses the ‘Road House’ remake starring Conor McGregor

Talking with TMZ, Teague was asked about the upcoming release and shared his thoughts on Conor McGregor’s performance. 

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“Jake Gyllenhaal is a fantastic actor and Conor McGregor is an incredible fighter. I mean his acting career I don’t know that much about, but as far as his fighting is concerned, he’s top of the list,” Teague said of the Road House remake.

“I got to tell you I watched it in the fight and the one thing I found humorous was the sound of the hits in the fight you know they’re just, I don’t know, they’re a little off to me. But that’s okay, I think. As far as his ability to play the character as the chief bad guy I think he’ll do fine with that,” Teague continued on Road House. “He’s done it all through his career so I think he has a lead on that.” (H/T TMZ)

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As for McGregor’s fighting career, he is expected to return at some point this year against Michael Chandler. However, no official timeline has been laid out, despite there being several ‘announcements’ and countless rumours. 

This chapter of McGregor’s career has dragged on for some time now, hopefully he can return to fighting from sooner rather than later.

Are you excited to see the new Conor McGregor in the new ‘Road House’ movie?