RDA Wants In On Potential UFC 165-Pound Division

Perry Nelson for USA TODAY Sports
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Rafael dos Anjos is on board with the UFC adding another weight class.

For so long the mixed martial arts (MMA) community has debated on whether or not the UFC should add more divisions. It seems that on the fighters’ side of things, they’d prefer more options as to what weight they can fight.

Fighters such as Kevin Lee, Dustin Poirier, and now, Rafael dos Anjos would like a weight class in between 155 and 170 pounds. “RDA” took to Twitter recently and said he’s down for a 165-pound weight class in the UFC:

“If make 165lbs division you can count on me for that run.”

This comes several days out from Dustin Poirier making a rather interesting proposition. He and Nate Diaz will meet at UFC 230 in November. The card is missing a main event, however. Poirier attempted to elevate himself.

He suggested on Twitter that he and Diaz compete for the inaugural 165-pound title in their fight. Given there are no stars available to headline UFC 230 (or so we’re told), and Diaz is a big name, adding a title to Diaz vs. Poirier is certainly main event-worthy.

That hype only got taken to a new level last night when Diaz claimed he was fighting for the new 165-pound title and Poirier reiterate it. UFC President Dana White rebuffed that notion – for now.

The UFC has shown little interest in implementing new weight classes, however, it’s an interesting possibility¬†given the current state of UFC 230’s card.

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