Rashad Evans Says Five Grams Of Mushrooms Could Help Jon Jones

rashad evans

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans says that ‘five grams of mushrooms’ would set former rival Jon Jones ‘free’.

MMA great, Jon Jones is no stranger to trouble and at times his actions and personal demons have over-shone his incredible talent. Jones has been involved for hit and runs, DUI’s, and being popped for cocaine and it seems that a lot of Jones’s issues stem from his relationship with drugs and alcohol. Jones has previously been in rehab and has acknowledged that he has a drinking problem.

The Jones saga recently added another chapter as he was arrested for domestic violence charges in late September where he was supposedly was intoxicated. Following this incident, the former UFC light-heavyweight champion has vowed to quit drinking and former teammate Rashad Evans believes he knows what could help

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Rashad Evans Says Jon Jones Should Eat Mushrooms

The benefits of psychedelic drugs have recently become a much-discussed topic as of late and Evans is a big believer. Even going as far as becoming a vegan due to an experience he had on DMT.

I do mushrooms, right? So, it was when I had a really really deep trip that just caused me to have one of those ego deaths.” Evans said on an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

“I was smelling real bad. I smelled myself and was like ‘oh my God, I stink.’ Then the knowingness said ‘You stink because you eat dead rotting flesh.’ And it said ‘If you want life, then you eat life.” (Transcribed by MiddleEasy)

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Evans believes that if Jones were to take psychedelics, it could have a profound impact.

“Think the problem is also is the fact that we’re putting this on [Jones], who does he have around him?” Evans said on the PBD podcast. “At the end of the day, it has to come from [the heart]. I might be a hippie for saying this, but I think five grams of mushrooms will set Jon free.”

“If he did the toad which is five MEO DMT, not the regular stuff. That right there would show him something because it’s a totally different experience. But at the same time, you’re almost reborn at that moment. It’s a medicine that just completely just changes everything that you even know as reality and even yourself.

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“So I think he needs something powerful like that because what he’s searching for, he may not even know anymore. He just may be feeling that something is not right and he’s trying to chase it.”

What do you think? Is Rashad Evans Right? Could it help Jon Jones?