Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champ, Rashad Evans recently talked about his worst weight-cutting mistake.

Weight cutting is a big part of Mixed Martial Arts. As the sport has progressed, weight cutting has become more and more of a science. But it wasn’t always like that, especially back in the day when Rashad Evans was competing. Back then, it was more of a trial-and-error type of thing where you slowly honed in on what worked for you and what didn’t. It sounds like Rashad’s coach, Greg Jackson, had already seen or made the same mistake prior as he tried to warn Rashad Evans beforehand. 

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Take a listen to Rashad Evan’s worst weight-cutting mistake. 

“He [Greg Jackson] said okay cool, just don’t jump in the pool. I was like why, he said don’t jump in the pool you’ll gain the weight back. “I’m like nah, no way. So, lo and behold, I didn’t believe him, I jumped in the pool, and I gained a pound and a half, bro. Your body just sucks it up. It was hard, I was crying. I was in the room crying, Greg was like see, I told you!”

Rashad Evans was in tears from his weight-cutting blunder 

We can only imagine how brutal that feeling must be as fighters often say that the last pound and a half is the hardest to lose. Evans not only lost it once but had to do it again. No wonder he was on the verge of tears. 

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However, one thing that must have helped Evans was that he was a natural Light Heavyweight. He started his UFC career winning the Ultimate Fighter Heavyweight edition, before dropping down a weight class. So, that cut to 205 must not have been too bad. Also, it seems as if Evans was a weight-cutting pro by the end of his UFC run as he competed as low as 185 pounds.

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