Rashad Coulter is hoping to find his way back to the UFC after his boxing bout against Viddal Riley on the undercard of Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. later this month.

‘Daywalker’ lost his first three fights with the promotion while competing as a heavyweight. He dropped down to 205lbs to face Hu Yaozong and picked up his lone UFC win in November 2018. Coulter was subsequently cut by the promotion and has since fought just once – a knockout loss against Ike Villanueva.

Coulter has struggled to get fights in MMA since that defeat. As a result, he has found himself back in boxing, a sport he has competed in just once. Coutler picked up a first-round knockout in his boxing debut back in 2015.

In an exclusive interview with LowKickMMA, Coulter revealed he has a great passion for MMA and is hoping to return to the sport after November 28.

“My mind is always open to whoever’s gonna pay me to fight. I love MMA. My heart is MMA because of the brutality,” Coulter said. “You know, I can hit you once you hit the ground, I can jump on you until the ref comes and stops it. The Ike Villanueva fight man I had a lot of underlying issues going on, that I won’t really get into right now. That’s a fight that I should have won and hopefully with this fight, it opens up more doors if it be for boxing or let it be for more fights in MMA.

“It’s kind of like the problem that I ran into now is I’ve been trying to fight in MMA but I can’t get any MMA fights at all. I’m trying to stay at 205lbs in MMA. I think I got one fight offer for heavyweight, but then that show got cancelled. I’m ready to go, whatever door opens, man.”

Coulter is hoping he can prove he has what it takes when he faces Viddal Riley on the undercard of Tyson-Jones. He says if the chance to re-join the UFC comes up he will grab it with both hands.

“After this fight hopefully the doors are going to be open and people are going to be like, ‘Hey man, like, you know what, this dude actually does have what it takes’. I mean, if the UFC door opens again I’m going in head first,” Coulter said. “I love the UFC. That’s like the NFL of fighting, right? It’s like the NFL be like any, any of these major promotions. So I’m looking forward to it man hopefully it opens up more doors if it doesn’t I’m okay with that.”

Do you think Rashad Coulter will make it back to the UFC?

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