UFC Women’s Bantamweight fighter Raquel Pennington has reported her own violation to USADA following taking prescription pills that she wasn’t aware breached the UFC Anti-Doping Policy.

In a statement on her Twitter Pennington explained that she had been prescribed medicine by a doctor and began taking it before realizing it was a breach of the Anti-Doping Policy, at that point, she contacted USADA and turned herself in.

“This morning, USADA will be announcing a violation I committed of the UFC anti-doping policy. Here are the facts. I went to my physician about a medical condition I was experiencing and was prescribed several medications to treat the condition Unfortunately, I took the medication for a brief period of time, before realizing I should have checked on their status under the program. I soon discovered that these medications may be prohibited, so I immediately stopped taking the medication and contacted the UFC to report this potential issue.”

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Following this, USADA put out their statement reaffirming what Pennington has said and expressing that the fighter willingly cooperated in the process.

“During her self-report, Pennington provided information that she was prescribed and provided 7-keto-DHEA and AOD-9064 by a doctor to help treat a medical condition. After using the substances for a short period of time, she conducted research and learned that they were prohibited substances and immediately came forward about her use to USADA. Pennington was eligible for a reduction to the period of ineligibility based on her forthright declaration prior to sample collection and for her Full and Complete Cooperation.”

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As a result of the breach, Pennington has been issued a six-month suspension from the sport, this began on the date that she came forward with the declaration of use on November 17, 2020.

Pennington was last to compete at UFC on ESPN 11, in June of 2020.