Exclusive | Randy Couture proclaims Kayla Harrison as the P4P No.1 in women’s MMA

Kayla Harrison

Randy Couture has shared his belief that the two-time Olympic gold medallist, Kayla Harrison, is the best female fighter in the sport.

Harrison returns to action on the 25th of November to compete in the 2022 PFL World Championship, where she will attempt to emerge once again victorious as the Women’s lightweight champion. A tournament that she has already won on two separate occasions previously.

Across all elite mixed martial arts organizations, Harrison is regarded as one of the best female fighters currently active within the sport.

Despite arguments that are made that Kayla Harrison has not faced the elite-level competition that she would find inside the UFC, her talent can simply not be questioned.

Mike Owens of LowKickMMA spoke to a man who knows exactly what it takes in order to become a world champion when he was joined by three-time UFC Heavyweight and two-time Light heavyweight world champion, Randy Couture, to preview the upcoming 2022 PFL World Championship.

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Whilst breaking down the card, Couture revealed his thoughts on the Judoka world champion and where he places her in the Women’s Pound-for-Pound list.

Randy Couture Claims Kayla Harrison’s Ability Influenced Amanda Nunes To Leave American Top Team

“Honestly, I think she is the best female in our sport right now. I think you could have made a debate between her and (Amanda) Nunes and then Nunes just dropped a fight, and now has come back and gotten back in there and done a great job. I know they used to train together, and I think maybe Nunes saw the writing on the wall.”

“And potentially, she is going to have to fight this person, so she chose to create a little separation and go to a different gym for a while. Honestly, I believe she is the best female fighter in our sport right now.

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Kayla Harrison, who will headline this year’s PFL championship, has already revealed she only has a singular fight remaining on her contract and does intend to explore her options at the conclusion of this PFL season. The UFC now needs to be the first one knocking when she does become a free agent to allow her to join the organization and prove just exactly how talented she is.

Should she sign for the promotion, given the sporting credentials she has, she could very well be put in a position to face Nunes after just a handful of fights.

Who would you favor in a matchup between Kayla Harrison and Amanda Nunes?