Jon Jones is preparing to make his debut in the heavyweight division and there’s no shortage of opinions about how he will perform. If anyone knows a thing or two about winning titles in two separate UFC divisions, it’s Randy Couture. The former light heavyweight and heavyweight champion was the first fighter to win titles in two weight classes in the promotion’s history. Couture sat down with Damon Martin to talk about his career and his new documentary, The Randy Couture Story.

Couture talked about some challenges he faced during his fourteen year career, overcoming a heart attack and how fighters promote themselves. He also talked about the challenges of fighting in different divisions. (H/T MMA Fighting on SBN)

“I felt like I was stuck between weight classes. I’m certainly not by any stretch of the imagination a big heavyweight. But when I started the sport, 15 or 20 pounds was a lot to cut because lightweight was anything under 200 [pounds]. So now we have as many weight classes as we do, it’s a little easier for guys to transition up or down and make weight in another weight and still compete and still be healthy and still perform to their ability. I don’t think it takes away from it that more guys have done it, more guys and gals. I think it’s still cool.”

Couture went on to share his thoughts on the latest champion to try this feat, Jon Jones. About Jones, Couture shared, “I’ll be interested to see. He’s a big guy, he’s a tall guy. I think he’s taller than I am. I think he’s 6-foot-3, I’m only 6-foot-1. He certainly has the frame to put on the mass, and technically, he’s as good as anybody.”

Jones has been hard at work preparing for his heavyweight debut. The former lightweight champion and consensus GOAT has packed on 40 pounds as he prepares to return to the octagon later this year. He has been incredibly active on social media and has no doubt that he will be on top of the heavyweight division.

Couture, citing Adesanya’s loss to Blachowicz, wonders if adding the weight and preparation will translate to success for Jones.

“It’s always going to be a challenge. You know Adesanya is a perfect example. I mean coming in at, what was he 196 [pounds]? You know probably as big as he’s ever been, but he’s still dealing with a guy that’s cutting down from 215 to 220, probably, to make 205. And you know sometimes that, especially when all skill sets across the board are fairly equal, that that size and power can make a difference.”

Over the course of his UFC career, Jones has only suffered one loss and dominated the light heavyweight division. However, he has not secured a finish since 2018 and won a questionable decision against Dominick Reyes in his final title defense. Still, Jones is favored to excel in his new weight class.

“It will be interesting to see how he works around bigger, stronger guys, cause that is a challenge. You’ve got to approach them differently. You don’t want to go head up with a guy that’s that big and that strong,” Couture added.

Do you think that Jon Jones will be the next two division champion?

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