And Still. Jan Blachowicz knocks back Israel Adesanya — handing the middleweight champion his first professional defeat, and preventing him from becoming a two-weight world champion held simultaneously — with a well-planned unanimous decision victory.

Patient and tentative first round from both as widely expected. Adesanya happy to remain on the outside and make his reads, however, Blachowicz is biting on almost every feint and twitch Adesanya is throwing out there. Couple of good body kicks for Adesanya as the round comes to a close.

Decent right hand finds the target for Blachowicz, followed by that left round kick to the body which he used so well against Dominick Reyes in September last. Some good clinch work for Blachowicz produces a slip from Adesanya, who partially eats a knee on his way up. Round kick from Adesanya just catches Blachowicz on the front of the cup. Brief stoppage in the action. We’re likely level, one apiece ahead of the third round here.

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Another decent moment for Blachowicz in the clinch at the fence, however, Adesanya stings him with a right hook on the exit, drawing some worrying back steps from the Pole. Blachowicz again finding his target with a couple of stiff jabs from his orthodox right. Third round in the books. Anybody’s fight at this moment.

Backed to the fence, Blachowicz sprung with a counter straight right, catching Adesanya and freezing him just for a moment. Pushing through and scoring what could prove to be an important takedown, Blachowicz then assumed half guard. Moving to side-control, Blachowicz kept his pressure heavy on the top, with just under a minute remaining in the round. Fifth and final round incoming but Blachowicz definitely takes that fourth frame.

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Another massive moment for Blachowicz just as it seemed Adesanya was starting to find his rhythm, the defending champion shoots with a double-leg. Success. Now moving to half-guard, Blachowicz forced a mistake from the challenger with the scramble to get back to his feet. Ending the fight with full-mount, Blachowicz again scores the round.

Below, check out the highlights from Blachowicz’s successful title defence against Adesanya.

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