Randy Couture Claims UFC Manipulates Its Rankings

Randy Couture

UFC Hall Of Famer Randy Couture doesn’t believe the mixed martial arts (MMA) leader cares about its fighters.

Couture has been at odds with the promotion for quite some time, as well as President Dana White. The former UFC heavyweight champion is a big advocate for fighters’ rights and has been working towards better working conditions for fighters for quite some time.

Recently, Couture joined Submission Radio and was asked about a few topics regarding the UFC and its care for the wellbeing of their fighters. Specifically, the subject of Brock Lesnar returning to fight Daniel Cormier for the heavyweight title was mentioned.

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Couture mentioned Lesnar’s past issues with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), and the WWE star essentially jumping everyone else in line en-route to a title shot. In the end, Couture understands that a fight with Lesnar and “DC” is a huge draw. And that’s all that matters:

“Well, you know, they want to tout their USADA and all their strict rules for drug testing, but somehow this guy managed to get through and still managed to fail a test but still compete. Which begs the question, what’s going on?

“Obviously, the rankings and all of that stuff, they manipulate that however they want anyway. Whatever makes business sense to them is all that really matters. They don’t care about the fighters, they don’t care about those rankings.

About The Money

Two-division UFC champ Couture said the UFC was no longer about merit and was only about money. It’s an argument many have been voicing during the UFC’s WME tenure:

“You know, lots of guys have jumped queue. It’s certainly not based on merit. So, that’s nothing new. I’m not surprised. He’s a huge draw. I mean, at the end of the day that’s the business of it. It’s about selling Pay-Per-Views.

“Certainly, DC is the champ and rightly so, they’re gonna put him in there with a guy like DC and that’s gonna draw huge Pay-Per-View numbers. So, that’s what it boils down to for them.”