EXCLUSIVE | Randy Brown Comments on Mike Tyson’s Airplane Incident: “I Was Happy To See That”

Randy Brown, Mike Tyson

Randy Brown reinforced the idea that words have consequences as he commented on Mike Tyson bloodying a man’s face on an airplane.

In recent times, there have been a string of physical altercations that each took place soon after the previous one. From Colby Covington allegedly getting caught blindsided by Jorge Masvidal outside of a steak restaurant in Miami to Will Smith’s infamous slap heard around the world.

Ahead of his fight with Kalinn Williams on May 7 at UFC 274, Randy Brown spoke to LowKick MMA about his upcoming fight and weighed in on one of the most talked-about news pieces of late.

Speaking about Mike Tyson’s recent violent altercation on an airplane that saw him land a flurry of punches to bloody the man’s face, Randy Brown stated how the internet has twisted the sense of reality and how things don’t work the same in real life as they do on the internet.

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“What are people’s thoughts? Should charges be pressed against Mike now? No, I don’t think so,” Brown said. “I think you poke the bear, right? The guy told you to leave him alone and you can’t be playing around, you can’t do that in real life.”

After the incident, reports emerged revealing that the man who provoked Tyson appeared to be extremely intoxicated and had lawyered up due to his past of criminal activities.

Brown stated how the internet has made people comfortable disrespecting others and believing that there will be no consequences in real life for their behavior.

“The internet is the internet for a reason. Real life is real life. You can’t play those games, man,” added Brown. “I’m happy to see that. I like when those things happen because it gives people a chance to really take a step back and see where we are headed, you know what I mean?

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“The internet is not real man and we gotta stop thinking because we could do all these things on the internet without consequences, that it carries over in the real life. It doesn’t.”

Randy Brown doesn’t believe that Mike Tyson should face charges

On the night of April 23, Mike Tyson boarded a flight to Florida from San Francisco International Airport around 10.30 PM PT. Sitting just behind Tyson on the flight was an intoxicated man who kept trying to provoke the retired boxing legend. Witness reports state that ‘Iron’ was getting along well with the passenger and his friends before the incident.

Tyson reprimanded the man for his troubling behavior and asked him to ‘chill out’. After multiple warnings had failed, and the man continued to harass the Hall of Famer, Tyson decided to take the matter into his own hands as he settled it with multiple blows to the man’s head.

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Along with Randy Brown sharing his support for Tyson, he has also seen backing from a large chunk of the combat sports community given the circumstances. Joe Rogan believed that the man was “headbutting a beehive” and got what he deserved.

Later reports revealed the man to have a long rap sheet with criminal convictions going back to 2008, according to the state records. He had also served two terms in prison prior to the incident and has supposedly lawyered up for any repercussions following the event.

Do you agree with Randy Brown’s take on Mike Tyson’s incident? Should he be charged?