Rampage could be Michael Bisping’s secret weapon agains Silva

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Michael Bisping, who is set to fight Wanderlei Silva on Feburary 20th in UFC 110, trains with the former Lightheavy Weight Champion, Rampage Jackson, who has fought Wanderlei three times and could provide valuable information to Bisping in order to win his fight.

Rampage has fought Wanderlei in two different occasions in Pride, losing both of those fights, however, Rampage was able to avenge those loses by knocking out Wanderlei Silva in UFC 92. Currently Rampage is training his friend/training parter Michael Bisping for his upcoming fight against Wanderlei.

“He’s given me a lot of tactical insight, helping out with a lot of situation drills to help me with certain circumstances that he thinks that I might be in the fight, and obviously as somebody as experienced as Rampage being in your corner, you can’t buy that,” Bisping commented. “He’s just fantastic to have in your camp.”

Bisping feels that because Rampage has fought Wanderlei three times, he knows Wanderlei’s style of fighting more than anybody and has helped Bisping work on certain things Bisping needed to work on in order to fight Wanderlei.

Wanderlei Silva vs Michael Bisping is going to take place on feburary 20th in UFC 110 in Sydney, Australia, where Rampage Jackson will be cornering Bisping.