As has become an almost weekly custom, Conor McGregor trolled the winner of the main event at last weekend’s UFC Rochester.

It was nothing new, to say the least, as McGregor has made it a routine to offer his thoughts on each and every UFC main event on Saturday nights. However, this time he at least had a solid connection to the fight. Former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos beat Kevin Lee by submission at UFC Rochester, a much-needed win after two losses for “RDA.”

But he didn’t even have time to celebrate that win before McGregor began goading him for pulling out of their scheduled match-up at March 2016’s UFC 196. Today (Mon., May 20, 2019), dos Anjos responded to the trolling with quite the emphatic response. He tweeted that McGregor was lucky he never had to fight him:

“That broken foot is my working tool.Making fun as a fellow fighter shows the person you r.Before sleep you wonder what life would’ve been if that fight happened and I made you eat that foot.Enjoy your fortune drinkin that brownwatercheapwhiskey without making fun of my misfortune”

Many in the MMA world have echoed dos Anjos’ tune, as McGregor has been much more engrossed in selling his Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey than actually fighting.

As for the rivalry with dos Anjos, McGregor went on to face Nate Diaz instead, kicking off the most lucrative rivalry in UFC history. If he had faced and lost to dos Anjos, his stardom may have taken a much different path. In that regard, ‘RDA’ has a point.

Imploring McGregor to not make fun of fellow fighters’ injuries may be another good one. What are your thoughts?