Rachael Ostovich’s Ex-Husband Handed Punishment In Domestic Assault Case

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Rachael Ostovich’s ex-husband, Arnold Berdon, has been sentenced to four years probation stemming from his involvement in a November 2018 domestic violence case with the women’s flyweight contender.

The verdict was handed down in a Honolulu, Hawaii, courtroom on Thursday per the Associated Press.

Berdon was initially arrested and charged on Nov. 20, 2018, with attempted murder for violently assaulted Ostovich. However, Berdon got a favorable plea deal in which he pleaded no contest on March 14 to a second-degree assault charge. The plea is an admission of guilt and is considered a conviction.

Despite deputy Honolulu prosecuting attorney Robert Rawson seeking a five-year prison sentence for Berdon, Ostovich, who testified on Thursday, said she did not ask for additional jail time outside of the two days Berdon had already served.

She added, “I do have the power to move forward, walking in forgiveness and I have.”

Prosecuting attorney Rawson argued, “This wasn’t a single act, it wasn’t a single punch.” He said, “this was a sustained brutal assault. For nearly 10 minutes, the defendant assaulted the victim while she begged for him to stop.”

In filing for a restraining order, which as granted on Nov. 20, 2018, Ostovich said that Berdon punched her “repeatedly on the head, face, ribs, making me fall to the ground.” She added that she also coughed up blood, vomited, and suffered a cracked orbital. The restraining order was granted and is scheduled to expire on May 19, 2019.

Ostovich also filed for divorce on Wednesday. Full custody of the couple’s six-year-old daughter has been granted to Ostovich. Berdon may be allowed supervised visits and the possibility of reconsideration of custody after completing anger management and domestic violence intervention courses, per Breiner.

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