Quote: Conor McGregor Is One Of The Best Boxers I’ve Ever Seen

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Conor McGregor could possibly be stepping into the the boxing ring against Floyd Mayweather Jr. later this year and the combat sports world has mixed reviews on the subject.

One man who thinks McGregor not only should take on Mayweather inside the ring, but also pursue a career in the sport, is mixed martial arts (MMA) coach Mark Henry. Henry knows first-hand what McGregor is capable of, as he dispatched his star pupil Eddie Alvarez in the main event of UFC 205 from Madison Square Garden to win the UFC lightweight title.

Henry recently spoke to MMA Junkie regarding McGregor’s pursuit of Mayweather inside the squared circle, and stated that he believes the Irishman could make way more money in one boxing fight than he would in ’10 or 11 with the UFC’ (quotes via MMA Mania):

“Look, if I was Conor, I would definitely pursue the boxing, because he can make more in one fight than in 10 or 11 with the UFC,” Henry said. “But, while he’s doing it, they should definitely make another 155-pound belt, because it would be ridiculous if they didn’t.”

In addition to that, Henry also claimed that McGregor is one of the best boxers he has ever laid his eyes on, and believes “The Notorious One” has a shot against Mayweather in the first two rounds of the fight. After that, however, it’s going to be a rough night for the UFC lightweight champ:

“Conor is one of the best boxers I’ve ever seen – ever. From his precision to his power to his speed, and I think he has a shot in the first two rounds,” Henry added. “Because Mayweather, like a lot of boxers do when they’re sparring MMA guys, he may not think he’s that good.

“He might not realize how fast Conor is, and you’ve got to remember that Conor is going to be taller, longer, 13 years younger, and a southpaw. Early on, I’d give him a chance of doing some damage. But after that, it’s not going to be too good (for McGregor).”

No agreement for a bout is in place quite yet, as of this writing. Recently, however, it was announced by UFC President Dana White that McGregor’s side of the negotiations have been completed and all that remains is to sit down and negotiate with Mayweather and manager Al Haymon.

Mayweather is know for being difficult to come to an agreement with at the negotiation table, but he did recently state that he believes the fight between him and the MMA star would happen eventually.


McGregor has already begun training for the potential contest and took to Twitter to call “Money” out and and tell him to ‘sign his end.’ Although some significant progress has been made to making the superfight happen, this is still only the beginning of the potential fight’s journey.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more…..

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