UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman returns at the blockbuster UFC 194 event as he faces Luke Rockhold in the fourth defense of his title. The undefeated ‘All-American’ is coming off a first round TKO over Vitor Belfort, and faces the first non-Brazilian in ‘Rocky’ since his 2012 win over Mark Munoz. Needless to say, Rockhold has trash talked the champion at every given opportunity.

Although he’s beaten some of the best fighters in the sport’s history, quite often Weidman doesn’t receive the highest praise. In Luke Rockhold‘s mind, these criticisms are accurate. The AKA (American Kickboxing Acadamy) title challenger ‘Rocky’ goes a step further while talking with our good friends Submission Radio, as he puts his December date with ‘The All-American’ in focus:

“I think he’s a very tough guy. I think he’s gotten into this division at the right time. But it’s a new age and there’s a new crop of guys coming up that are on a different level than anyone he’s ever faced, and I’m leading the way. He’s in trouble.”

“People wanna say this is a close fight. I don’t see it as [a close fight] though. I think Chris is gonna be tough for a round, maybe two. I’m gonna run away with this fight and I’m gonna take the belt home. Another belt coming back to AKA. Chris is just too slow, he’s too slow, he’s too slow. That’s all I gotta say. He’s slow, slow, and he’s slow.”

Rockhold’s athleticism is truly a sight to behold, but many will argue that Weidman is also part of that new crop of MMA fighters that have replaced the old guard of Anderson Silva and the likes. ‘Rocky’ continues, making a bold prediction:

“I’m going to shut Chris Weidman down in the first round. I’m gonna expose him in the second round. And I’m gonna finish him with a left kick, followed by a left punch, simultaneously.”

“I’m gonna find my timing and defend his wrestling and his pressure, and then I’m gonna beat him and put my own pressure on him. So, you know, Weidman likes to strike quick. I think it might not be the smartest thing for him to come in too quickly in this fight. I can cut an angle and I can counter him. I’m not scared of Weidman. He’s fighting all these guys that are scared of his wrestling and letting him dictate the pace of the fight. I dictate the pace of my fights and no one else.”

Finally, Rockhold discusses the run in with USADA (United States Anti Doping Agency) at 645 AM on a recent morning. The random testers showed up at his house to take a blood and urine sample as part of the new policies being enforced with the UFC:

“Two days ago they showed up on my doorstep; showed up at 6:45am. I had no idea they would show up. So they called me, over and over again. And I was sitting there, and I kept turning off my phone like, “who the fuck is calling me right now, ten time in a row at 6:45”. And I finally picked up the phone like “WHAT?!” yelled at the phone, and he was like “hey this is so-and-so from USADA, we’re at your doorstep right now. We’re trying to get in”. I’m like, oh my god, these people are for real. So they came up [did a] blood test, piss test. So I feel comfortable with that. I like the fact that it happened. I mean, they invade your privacy a little bit, but for the better of the sport I’m open to it.”

“There was actually three agents. So they go through the process, depending on how long it takes for you to take a piss. They have a 20-minute waiting period where you need to be sitting down before they start taking any blood test. Unfortunately for me, I pissed, woke up at about five o’clock, sleep-walked to the pisser and dropped a big piss, so I couldn’t piss for quite a while. So I was stuck with them for about an hour at my place. But they’re alright. They’re okay people, just doing their job.”

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