Watch – Punch Box 2 puts on actual phone booth brawl

Punch Box 2

Nothing much more can surprise fight fans given how wild fight sports can be. However, this one may be slightly outside the realm of normal.

Taking place at Punch Box 2, see below a snippet of two competitors having their matchup take place in a phone booth. Now combat sports can be extremely brutal at the best of times however this feels like it takes fighting to another extreme.

As you can see the two participants (Ivan Chugunov and Pavel Molchanov) are closed inside the phone booth standing back-to-back before being given the all-clear to get to work and turn around to unleash a fury of punches toward each other all the while basically being stood on top of one another.

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Chugunov is able to get the best over his opponent, Molchanov, by landing a fury of strikes which ultimately would have dropped him to the floor had the phone box not been in the position to hold him upright instead.

Just how brutal can fight sports get following footage of Punch Box 2

Although Punch Box 2 is the first time I have seen two competitors fight inside of a phone booth(literally), it is not the first time that combat sports have added something new to provide a truly unique twist to the competition.

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It was only earlier this year that many combat sports fans were introduced to the promotion that is Epic Fighting Championships based in Russia which had put on a matchup involving a grandfather and grandson taking on a Female fighter in a two-against-one affair.

For those who have not seen it, the matchup is ultimately scored as a draw despite the family pairing both being knocked down multiple times over the professionally sanctioned three-round bout.

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The footage of Punch Box 2 has been circulating all over social media so if anything, and I can’t speak for all, maybe the promotion has gained themselves an entirely new fanbase following the emergence of their truly unique take on combat sports.

If you are interested you can watch the full matchups here:

What do you make of the phone booth fighting at Punch Box 2?