Pensioner And Grandson Fight Female In 2-On-1 MMA Fight At Russia’s Epic Fighting Championships

Epic Fighting Championships

Footage has begun to circulate on social media of a two-on-one mixed martial arts fight in Russia at Epic Fighting Championships, with a pensioner and his grandson, fighting against a female opponent earlier this week.

Competing in a two-on-one freakshow fight at Epic Fighting Championships, Yulia Mishko took on the grandfather and grandson pairing of ‘Big Igibob’, and his 75-year-old grandfather, Vladimir Spartak in the latter pair’s professional mixed martial arts debut. 

Promotions have received mass criticism for hosting and promoting intergender mixed martial arts fights

Epic Fighting Championships, a promotion based out of Russia, have gained a reputation in recent years along with numerous organizations based in Poland, for hosting and promoting freakshow fights including male vs. female pairings

And earlier this week, the two-on-one showdown between Mishko and Spartak, and Igibob became the latest instalment in the genre at Epic Fighting Championships – with the bout taking place over three sanctioned rounds professionally.

Starting the bout at Epic Fighting Championships in quite the aggressive manner as compared to his 18-year-old grandson, Spartak and the pair actually suffered a trio of respective knockdowns over the course of the three round clash. 

However, despite those knockdowns as well as Mishko’s overall activity throughout the bout, the pairing was eventually scored a draw. 

After the bout, Igibob maintained that in the future, he would like to compete alongside his grandfather, the 75-year-old Spartak. Although the latter admitted that he eventually conceded that he would be unable to defeat Mishko, and reverted to attempting to produce an entertaining spectacle instead. 

Epic Fighting Championships also hosted another two-on-one fight, this time between three male participants, however, the bout quickly exploded into chaos as a corner person scaled the cage fence and began raining down shots on both competitors in a bid to save his fighter from ground strikes. The bout would later continue into the third round, however, one competitor found himself disqualified before the bout ended with a customary one-on-one bout eventually.