Pre Fight Chael Hits Anderson Hard


Written by Penny Buffington


It was clear to anyone who heard the UFC Media Conference with Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva last week that Sonnen won the verbal war. If it had been a slap fest then Silva’s face would have been beat red from the slap marks Sonnen was assaulting him with.

Now let’s see what happens on Saturday, August 7 live on Pay-Per-View at 10 pm eastern, 7 pm pacific, when the Ultimate Fighting Championship is going to Oakland, California to hold the championship middleweight title fight between Anderson Silva and the number one contender Chael Sonnen.

The current title holder Anderson “The Spider” Silva is coming off a 12-fight winning streak. He has not lost a single UFC fight since his arrival in 2006 when he knocked out Chris Leben. His fight stats are: 26 – 4 – 0.

His last fight he fought Demian Maia back in April. The fight was lackluster to say the least and provoked Dana White to respond at the post fight press conference. “I don’t think I’ve been more embarrassed in the 10 years of being in this business,” said White. “It’s the first I’ve ever walked out on a main event, given the belt to the guy’s manager and told him to put it on him.”

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In the past UFC fans have seen Silva dominate his opponents. Most memorable to fans and to the opponent was the first time Anderson fought Rich “Ace” Franklin where “The Spider” grabbed the back of Franklin’s neck held him in a clinch and kneed his face in literally changing the location of the bones in Franklin’s nose causing the fighter to receive surgery to fix the damage.

Sonnen’s fight stats are 24 – 10 – 1. He last fought and defeated Nate Marquardt back in Feb. at UFC 109. He also fought yet lost to Demian Maia via submission (Triangle Choke) in Feb. of 2009.

During the UFC media Conference Penny Buffington of MMA2DAY asked, “Anderson, I would like to know specifically what changes have you decided to make from your last two previous fights going into this fight with Chael?”

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Silva answered it was then interpreted by his manager Ed Soares. “I started training with Steven Seagal.”

Chael Sonnen: “Well Penny, you knew when you asked him a question that you were setting yourself up for a boring answer and you got one. So, what are you going to do?”

Penny Buffington, “Thank you for the interview the other day Chael.”

“You’re very welcome. This is Anderson yet again. You know, he truly believes the answer he gave a few minutes ago, that people are tuning in to see a fight and not see anything else. He really means that. He feels like he’s taking the moral high ground.

He couldn’t be more wrong. Does he know anything about business? Has this guy ever done anything? That’s not what people are tuning in to see. People don’t want to just see two people fight they want to know why they’re fighting.

He comes on here and says something stupid as though he’s saying like some Nobel Prize winning statement. He couldn’t have this industry more backwards. It’s shocking that he actually believes and then stands there with his chest out like we should all pat him on the back and go, oh, good job Anderson. You’re training really hard. Well, guess what dummy, I’ve been training really hard since I was nine years old and I still have time to bring interest to what people see in me with your ass on August 7.

Of course, I’m promoting this fight myself. And that’s the way it should be. Nobody wants to hear from Anderson anyway. I’m shocked with all of these people that come on here and ask him questions. Who cares what Anderson has to say? You guys are the only fans he’s got is the media. There’s nobody buying tickets to see this guy. There’s nobody selling merchandise because this guy is wearing it. There’s nobody tuning into a pay-per-view.

I’m the one carrying the show. And that’s the way it should be. I’m the one they want to see. I’m the one that they’re paying to see. And I really don’t even know why he’s here.”

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