Three Possible Outcomes If Chad Mendes Beats Conor McGregor

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If McGregor falls to “Money” this weekend, he will be forced to eat all of his words, and all of the relentless shots he’s taken at Mendes, and the rest of the division for that matter, as he has said that he will wipe out the division. How would this effect the Irish sensation? Could it effect his fan base, and his stock? Well, if McGregor doesn’t do as he has said he will come fight night, and depending on the nature of the loss, many may look at the “Notorious” one different. Will fans care as much about what he has to say, or will they just view him as a joke who couldn’t hang with the elite?

Also, a McGregor loss would be very detrimental to the UFC. Although Dana White has said in the past that he doesn’t care who wins fights, one would have to believe the UFC is rooting for McGregor, their golden boy. The promotion was set to make a gigantic sum of money from Aldo vs. McGregor, and although they will still rack in a boatload of cash from Mendes vs. McGregor, I’d have to think a bout towards the end of the year pitting Aldo and McGregor against each other for the unified belt would be the biggest fight in history. However, that would be gone if McGregor loses, at least for now.

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