Only going into effect two weeks ago at UFC 189, the UFC’s new uniform sponsorship deal with Reebok has already gotten a ton of heat for its seemingly low fighter compensation numbers and limiting policies.

But criticism of the deal was taken to all new levels when longtime UFC cutman Jacob ‘Stitch’ Duran was unceremoniously sacked for complaining about losing his sponsors because of the deal to Bloody Elbow, a move that angered the revered veteran when Dana White didn’t personally call him to break the news.

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Apparently it’s angered several fans, as well, with many calling for the groundbreaking executive to be shown the door as well.

White spoke op to say that the two were ‘never friends’ after last night’s (Sat., July 25, 2015) UFC on FOX 16 from Chicago, and coupled with his bizarre Twitter backlash at fans during a Q&A session, it’s not been the best start for the athletic apparel company’s huge leap into mixed martial arts (MMA).

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The company isn’t necessarily to blame, as they are simply the unfortunate scapegoats of the UFC’s actions. They spoke up clarify that they had absolutely no input in ‘Stitch’s’ firing, but it’s clear that caught a ton of fire for it. With their new fighter jerseys and kits drawing a different kind of criticism and carrying high price tags, Reebok could be in trouble in terms of selling their new UFC gear.

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Many fans have already pledged to never buy their apparel because of this. Are you among them, or will you still give them a shot to improve?