Ever since Conor McGregor‘s 2013 UFC debut, the Irish featherweight has been on a mission to make as much noise as possible, both inside and outside of the octagon. His brash antics have become quite the trademark, but they’ve no doubt brought a lot of much needed media attention to the UFC this past two years and also have made MMA fans out of many that had never even heard of the sport.

The fight game has been graced by many great talents over the years, but even more talkers have found their way to MMA. Thus far ‘The Notorious’ has been able to back everything up inside the UFC octagon, and at yesterday’s (Friday September 4, 2015) ‘GO BIG’ media show, McGregor was on full speed ahead. Everyone present was on blast when he got on the mic, and undoubtedly the Irish star made promo cuts for his next five fights at least.

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So how do you feel about the antics of Conor McGregor? Is it good for the sport? In terms of PPV (pay-per-view) buys, any UFC brass would tell you yes, but is it a long term investment that will end up leaving the UFC looking more like a pro wrestling theatre show?

Perhaps you feel that any press coverage is good coverage for a sport that is still striving to keep up with their more established mainstream rivals, but in that case why doesn’t everyone follow in the footsteps of McGregor’s behaviour?

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You could also feel like his fighting does all the talking required, so his antics on the mic are little more than a display of his confidence and have little impact on the UFC’s overall image.

So, take a vote and have your say, are you enjoying the Conor McGregor show? Because that’s what we witnessed yesterday, for better or worse, guys like Roy Nelson, Josh Barnett, and many others would’ve been better off probably calling in their GO BIG appearances over Skype.

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