Pic: Jon Jones Faces Off With Massive ‘Rumble’ Johnson


Legendary but troubled former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is awaiting the resolution of his failed USADA drug test in connection with his UFC 214 knockout victory over rival Daniel Cormier.

Jones has teased a pending return on social media quite often lately, making fans believe that a pending “Bones” fight could be on the horizon much sooner than his sordid history with performance-enhancing drugs would suggest.

That’s all speculation at this point, however, as Jones’ punishment could absolutely reach as high as four years because it’s his second offense. He’s also had repeated trouble with both cocaine and drinking and driving, making any return for “Bones” tentative speculation at the very best.

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It won’t stop Jones from hoping for the best, of course, and in anticipation of his umpteenth comeback, he’s seemingly making more public appearances. Such was the case at this weekend’s Gatt Supplements expo in Las Vegas this weekend. There, Jones came face-to-face with an opponent he missed out on fighting when he was champion in two-time title contender Anthony “Rumble” Johnson:


Johnson retired from mixed martial arts after his second loss to Cormier at April 2017’s UFC 210. He’s since been seen becoming more focused on bodybuilding, and the results are not only jaw-dropping but also enough to prompt many to speculate that ‘Rumble’s’ been on some “supplements” of his own.

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He isn’t being tested by USADA like Jones is, even if they haven’t exactly been knocking his door down this year. Regardless, the controversial great has an uncanny knack to come back from peril that would seemingly damn most other fighters. There was even a rumor that USADA had accepted a bribe to resolve “Bones'” case.

Let’s just hope we find out what will happen to Jones before a lengthy suspension period ends.