MMA fighters Paige VanZant and Austin Vanderford have explained why they have been posting naked pictures online during the lockdown.

Speaking to MMA Fighting VanZant said she came up with the idea after taking a picture of her husband Vanderford in some very short, shorts.

“Austin and I had taken a video of himself, or a picture in the gym, and I had glanced over and I was like, ‘Were you naked out there?’ And he was just wearing really short shorts. Cause he works out in really tiny shorts.

“And I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I have the best idea ever,’ and so we just kind of staged it where I was on the medicine ball and he had our double-edged bag covering his butt. Then it just kind of sparked from there because people liked them so much.”

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While VanZant is no stranger to posing for pictures in next to nothing this is all new for Vanderford. The 30-year-old Bellator prospect explained why he wasn’t shy about stripping down for the whole world to see, he said.

“For one, I started wrestling since I was five, so I’ve been wearing one of those singlets my entire life so there isn’t a whole lot that it doesn’t show. That’s one. Two, before I left Alaska to move here to the states to go to school and all that, my mom gave me one word of advice before I left. She said ‘Austin, the rest of the world isn’t like Alaska. You can’t just go outside and go pee wherever you want. You can’t show yourself off, so be careful.’ Fast forward like a year later, and I actually got a ticket for ‘scattering rubbish’ cause I had peed in a park or something. There might have been a few beers involved.

“I’ve just never been shy about that. I have fun. My wife sees me naked all day everyday anyway, so I thought the rest of the world deserves it, too.”

UFC flyweight VanZant was keen to stress the whole thing is not a social media stunt to garner attention, it’s more about just having fun together as husband and wife.

“It’s not really a social media stunt – it’s not to get attention,” VanZant said. “I just think I want to spread the idea, we’ve been married for over a year and a half, and just to love your significant other, and have fun with them, and [show] how important it is to just make the most of the relationships that you have.

“We’re really just having a really good time and trying to spread love. We’re married, so I’m not embarrassed, I’m not shy about the way we live our life at all.”

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