Oscar De La Hoya Challenges ‘Juicing’ Dana White To Boxing Match

De La Hoya
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images
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Earlier today, Dana White’s challenge to debate the business of MMA to Oscar De La Hoya made waves. White wanted to face De La Hoya on a television show of his choosing, and he also wanted drug testing to be involved. Now, it’s apparently time De La Hoya challenges White right back.

‘The Golden Boy’ took things to an all-new level during an appearance on “The Luke Thomas Show” on SiriusXM (via MMAjunkie) by challenging White to a real fight. He even took a jab at White for supposedly using steroids:

“Let’s get in the ring,” De La Hoya said. “Three rounds. Let’s do this. Let’s do this on the Canelo (Alvarez undercard), Cinco de Mayo. I’ll even give you five months so you can get off the juice and then we can get in great shape, and then we go three rounds. Look, I’m going to give you, what, a 50-pound advantage? It’s OK. I can take you on. Let’s do it.”

Now, this is just getting out of hand. It’s true that White, a former boxercise instructor, once had a boxing match scheduled with his former employee Tito Ortiz. It never actually came to fruition. Ironically enough, the card White is arguing about with De La Hoya involved Ortiz. 

Getting Heated Up

De La Hoya put on his first-ever MMA event under Golden Boy Promotions when Ortiz finished Chuck Liddell in the first round of their farcical match on November 24. The former boxing champ and White have been going back and forth ever since over the financial ramifications of the card.

“The Golden Boy” claims that he’ll continue to promote MMA as long as White continues to pay fighters less than they’re worth. White insists that De La Hoya has no idea what he’s talking about and that Golden Boy already pays less. That was, presumably, the basis for White’s proposed debate on air. 

He also poked fun at De La Hoya for his cringe-worthy press conference where he couldn’t remember many of his MMA fighters’ names. So De La Hoya took it to the next level where he would probably have the advantage over White, and things are just getting crazy.

Stay tuned, because this feud isn’t over by a long shot.

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