Report – ONE Championship’s Phoe Thaw Allegedly Kidnapped By Myanmar Military

Mandatory Credit: ONE Championship

ONE Championship featherweight, Phoe ‘Bushido’ Thaw has allegedly been kidnapped by the military of Myanmar from a hospital after he was injured in a bomb blast in the city of Yangon. 

Thaw, who was admitted to the North Okkalpa General Hospital, was receiving treatment for his injuries amid the bomb explosion, which was one of three in Yangon, with images showing notable burns to the lower body of the ONE Championship feature. 

The 36-year-old last featured at ONE Championship: Century – Part I — suffering an opening round rear-naked choke against Chang Min Yoon — snapping his two-fight winning spree. 

The country of Myanmar is reportedly experiencing a period of massive civil unrest as the military seized control of the country with a military coup on the 1st of February this year. Per a report from Asian MMA — 776 protestors and bystanders have been killed by the military and police in Myanmar during the period, with a further 3,000 persons detained. 

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In a Facebook post this afternoon by Matias Anders, he revealed that Thaw, along with his brothers, as well as Myanmar footballer, Ko Kaung SiThu have allegedly been kidnapped by the military from the North Okkalpa General Hospital. 

Stay strong Phoe Thaw,” The post read. “As many of you might know by now, ONE Championship athlete, Phoe Thaw was seriously injured during a series of explosions at in (sic) Yangon, Myanmar around 10 pm last night.

Phoe Thaw was badly hurt and was taken to a nearby hospital to treat his severe burn injuries,” Andres wrote. “There are pictures showing his wounds, they are truly heartbreaking.

Despite his critical condition, the military entered the hospital and kidnapped him. The military have also abducted Phoe Thaw’s brothers, among them Myanmar national team football player, Ko Kaung SiThu.

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These are not a random series of events, these are targeted attacks against people that have been vocal and publicly criticised the military.

Phoe Thaw used his platform to shed a light on the injustices in his country, just as he used his platform to inspire people through martial arts.

Attached, an interview where Thaw explained how Myanmar wanted a “democracy, not dictatorship.

We want democracy, not dictatorship,” Thaw said. “(The military) do whatever they want — they break their own rules, their own laws because they have guns. They kidnapped the whole of Myanmar.

We’re not coming out onto the road to fight, we just want, peacefully, to get back to our freedom, our democracy, our justice,” Thaw said. “Our belief and spirit are mentally very, very strong. Stronger than the dictators.

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According to Andres, Thaw has been charged with Penal Code 505A — and has been branded as a “criminal

The military have charged him with Penal Code 505A, which means that they are trying to brand him as a criminal and unlawful person.

This is far from the truth, and anybody who knows him also knows of his kind spirit, despite his power in the cage,” Andres wrote.

As of now, we don’t know where Phoe Thaw is or his current situation. But if it is not good. Right now, we just have to hope for the best for our friend.

Please share his story so that Phoe Thaw’s story is heard around the world and his actions are not being silenced or forgotten.

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