Olena Kolesnyk is ready to fight hard for a playoff spot in the PFL’s women’s lightweight division.

Kolesnyk sat down with Low Kick MMA to discuss her PFL experience ahead of her final regular-season fight at PFL 6 this weekend. Kolesnyk started her season with adversity, losing her first fight with no coaching support in the building.

“I fight, the first [PFL] fight with, no coach, after flying alone for hours from Ukraine.”

Kolesnyk’s coach could not resolve visa issues in enough time to make the journey to New Jersey with the fighter. So Kolesnyk had hoped that she’d be able to fly home after the loss and at least get a bit of training with her coach before her second fight.

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“I know like I have a lot of things that I need to fix. And my prediction was that I come back home to see my coach [after first PFL fight] who, unfortunately,not resolve US Visa [issue]. But then, like, PFL told me no you cannot [go home] because of COVID. You need to stay.”

Stuck in the United States and without a coach to help her prepare for the second fight, Kolesnyk did what any intelligent fighter would do.

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“I chose amazing gym, I chose syndicated.”

“I have a good coach in my corner, who is cornering a lot of UFC fighters, a lot of high-level names. So his name is Matt Jelly. He’s a Canadian guy. He has huge experience with striking. So yeah, I’m happy now. I’m not alone anymore.”

Kolesnyk will need to have a strong corner as she steps in the cage with Pacheco, who is currently atop the women’s lightweight standings. She will also need the confidence in her skills that she shared during the conversation.

“I can solve some mistakes which I made in the first one [fight]. Yeah, but anyway, like I’m excited to be here. I’m ready for any kind of girls who step in the cage against me. So why not? If only (I) have brave balls to fight with you on the second fight. So how can I say no?”

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“One day you need to meet with the toughest girls in this kind of sport if I want to be the best. So why not now? Why not? Friday [June] 25th?” 

Do you think Olena Kolesnyk can pull off the upset against Larissa Pacheco and punch her ticket to the 2021 PFL Playoffs?

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