Note To Cecil Peoples: Urijah Faber’s Leg Disagrees With Your ‘Leg Kicks Don’t Win Fights’ Proclamation

Urijah Fabers Leg

(Urijah Faber’s Jose Aldo-inflicted case of elephantiasis of the leg.)

Remember  after the Machida-Shogun fight when UFC judge Cecil Peoples made the asinine comment that leg kicks don’t win fights?

Despite the fact last night that the fight between Urijah Faber and Jose Aldo went to a decision, it was obvious that “The California Kid” was done midway through the bout due to the damaged he sustained to his legs from the trauma inflicted by the feet and shins of the champion. In the final two frames of the bout, Faber could barely stand on his lead leg and had to be helped back to the stool between rounds.

The former 145-pound champ tweeted the above photo of his jacked-up limb this morning and mentioned that, instead of drowning his sorrows at an afterparty,  he spent the wee hours of the morning in a hyperbaric chamber in an attempt to reduce the swelling. Subsequent messages stated that Faber was having trouble walking today and would be spending most of the day alternating between icing his thigh and soaking in hot baths in an attempt to regain some of his mobility.

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Take note,  Cecil Peoples.

Don’t get me wrong. I think that Aldo controlled every other area of the fight from start to finish, but I think what won Aldo the fight was his constant ruthless and calculated attack to Faber’s thigh. In doing so, he took Urijah out of his game and left him without a base from which to strike or shoot.

Considering how lopsided a victory it was, I was surprised to hear that two judges inexplicably scored the fight 49-45, meaning they must have given Faber either the first or last round, while scoring one frame 10-8 Aldo.

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Re-watching the fight today and looking at Fight Metric stats, I don’t see how Faber stole a single round from the champ.

*Here’s another view of the carnage to Uriah’s kickstand.

My leg hurts just looking at this.