Former Strikeforce welterweight champion and UFC contender Nick Diaz got a major bum rap from the NAC (Nevada Athletic Commission) today, receiving a staggering five-year ban for failing a drug test for marijuana. The decision is made even more shocking when you consider Anderson Silva who was busted for steroids the same night, and concocted a ludicrous story about magical sexy time juice from Thailand, was only hit with a 12-month retroactive ban.

The irony is obviously not lost on Diaz, who went on the mic with just moments after the decision was read out. A despondent Diaz, clearly befuddled by the NAC decision, pulled no punches in this one:

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“I’m pretty pissed off, this sport and this commission have done everything they can to keep me from being on top, where I should be. I’m the best fighter n the world, they want to have nothing but weak fighters in the sport, those people are nothing but a bunch of crooks,”

“They got me in here sweating bullets, I was this close to flipping out and doing something nuts. It’s bullshit, you guys want to see real fights and see real knockouts, all these guys keep their fucking mouth shut, I don’t put on an act. These guys are trying to rob me and other fighters that’s all I got for you.”

It’s pure gold from Diaz right now, but you can’t blame the guy for being mad. In comparison to Anderson Silva‘s lie filled case, Diaz’s presentation was well thought out and very thought provoking. He continues:

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“They’re a bunch of dorks, they been trying to hold me down from day one. I’m the biggest draw, the best fighter, they got the whole system trying to hold me down. I’m pretty sure I’m the best at 185, we don’t know that, but I’m confident it’s me. “

“I never broke the rules, did any steroids or drugs like that. They got everyone doing steroids in the sport right now. Pretty much I’m the only one who doesn’t do that stuff.”

Who’d have thought that Diaz would be garnering so much support tonight. As it stands, the anti-hero comes out on top, but only as a people’s champ. The former undisputed king gets the reduced sentence, but saved no face in doing so.

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It’s funny how things pan out.