Next up on the UFC 248 main card is a welterweight bout between Neil Magny and Li Jingliang.

Round 1: Magny starts off with pressure. Jingliang responds with strikes. The two exchange strikes before they later clinch up. Jingliang has Magny’s back and is trying to take him down. He gets him down but Magny is right back up. As Magny separates, he gets hit with a big strike. Jingliang puts the pressure on but Magny takes his back and gets him down. Jingliang gets up but Magny still has his back. The position is then reversed with Magny up against the fence. Magny defends a takedown attempt and they separate. Magny lands a jab and clinches him against the fence. He lands a big knee to the body but is reversed. Jingliang attempts a takedown and gets it. Magny pushes him off with a kick and they return to striking. Magny lands a knee to the body and starts landing some big strikes. Strong end to the round for the American.

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Round 2: Magny opens the round with a jab and unloads a flurry. He misses a flying knee but clinches Jingliang up. “The Leech” reverses him against the fence. Now Magny reverses and almost gets the takedown. He still has his back and lands strikes on Jingliang. Jingliang reverses and attempts a takedown but is unable to after spending quite a bit of time. Magny reverses and later lands a takedown. Jingliang gets up but is receiving strikes to the head. Magny starts to land shoulder strikes. They separate with Magny landing jabs right away. They clinch up again. Jingliang attempts another takedown but is unable to get it as Magny lands elbows to the head. Magny lands a knee but then misses a flying knee. He is overwhelming Jingliang now and ends the round with a big takedown.

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Round 3: Magny starts the round where he left off. Jingliang is responding better now but the American is still in control. He lands a number of jabs. Jingliang misses with some wild strikes. Magny attempts a takedown but Jingliang defends and reverses. They separate and return to striking. Jingliang is still using head movement and landing strikes but Magny is still in control. Magny clinches him against the fence. They separate but Magny clinches him up again and lands a big trip. He starts to land strikes. Jingliang could be in trouble. Magny has landed more three times as many significant strikes. Magny lands two big knees and ends the fight strong.

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Official result: Neil Magny defeats Jingliang Li via unanimous decision (30-27).

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