Nate Diaz teases potential UFC return, calls for Leon Edwards title rematch: ‘Ready to rock already for real’

Nate Diaz teases UFC return calls for title rematch with Leon Edwards ready to rock

It’s been two years since we last saw Nate Diaz grace the UFC octagon, and it now seems like the legend is eager to return to action.

Things haven’t been very eventful for Diaz after he decided to fight out his UFC contract and make his rounds as an MMA free agent. Sure, he had a money fight with Jake Paul back in 2023 but lost via unanimous decision in what many considered a lackluster fight. According to Diaz, offers for similar money fights have come his way, but nothing has caught his eye.

Most recently, Diaz took to Instagram and posted a picture from his battle with Leon Edwards at UFC 263, with a caption reading: “Ready to rock already for real.”

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Nate Diaz leaves a cryptic message for Leon Edwards and the UFC on Instagram today

Nate Diaz Hopes To Fight At UFC 300, Admits it Probably Won’t Happen

Nate Diaz has fully admitted to yearning for another UFC fight. In a recent interview, he talked about his desire to fight on the historic UFC 300 card but also was open about it not being likely to happen.

“I wanted to (fight at UFC 300), but I don’t think so,” Diaz sighed (H/T MMAKnockout). “I think I wanna do boxing, fight another fight or two. I could fight anybody in the world right now but no one can fight me. Everybody’s locked down to organizations… locked down to the UFC, PFL.”

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Diaz went on to talk about the difficulty of finding fights as a free agent. According to him, promotions aren’t wanting to play ball, and he feels as if it’s a “We ain’t helping that guy” type of situation.

Regardless, there are still compelling fights for Diaz back in the UFC. The Conor McGregor trilogy fight has always captivated fans, and there are also the strange callouts of Leon Edwards that Diaz has been making over the years.

Do you think that Nate Diaz will ever make a UFC return?