Nate Diaz Reacts To Dana White Talking Up Conor McGregor Trilogy Bout

Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz has responded to Dana White, who has recently been talking up a third fight between Diaz and Conor Mcgregor.

The third fight between arguably the UFC’s two biggest stars in Diaz and McGregor has been on the table since their second bout, five and a half years ago.

The legendary rivalry started when Diaz stepped in on late notice and famously upset ‘The Notorious’, by a second-round rear naked choke. McGregor would avenge this loss just five months later, winning a split decision in a back-and-forth war.

The two bouts amassed almost three million PPV buys for the UFC and a third bout would be another guaranteed box office success.

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While Mcgregor is side-lined due to his leg injury, Diaz seems to be nearing a bout with former UFC interim lightweight champion Dustin Porier but White is still confident of Diaz Vs. McGregor III.

“We’re still working on that fight, that fights not done yet,” White said when talking to TMZ, “But yeah, I wouldn’t count out a Conor-Nate III.”

Diaz caught wind of this and took to social media to share his feelings on talk of a third McGregor fight.

“Conor’s gonna have to get him some wins and prove he’s not so fragile first,” Diaz wrote on Twitter.

There has been no official timeline for a McGregor return but White says the former two division champion is raring to go “He’s chomping at the bit to come back.” White said to TMZ. “Realistically, when you look at everything that he’s got going on right now with coming back and other things that need to be done to get ready to prepare again, it’s probably early fall.”

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Do you agree with Nate Diaz? Does McGregor need to prove himself before a trilogy bout?