BKFC expect to make formal offer to ex-UFC star Nate Diaz: ‘The money is on the table for him’

Nate Diaz
Mandatory Credit: Zuffa LLC

BFKC leader, David Feldman has once again stressed the promotion’s interest in signing UFC alum, Nate Diaz to a contract with the bare knuckle fighting organization, insisting funds will be made available to sign the Stockton native ahead of a planned meeting with his management. 

Diaz, a former lightweight title challenger under the banner of the UFC, recently became an official free agent following a storied and legnhty spell under the Zuffa LLC banner – most recently competing in September of this year.

Headlining UFC 279 against former interim lightweight champion, Tony Ferguson in an impromptu welterweight main event, California veteran, Nate Diaz secured a fourth round guillotine choke win, snapping a two-fight losing skid.

In the time since his contractual obligations with the organization were met, Nate Diaz had been linked with multiple outings in other combat sports, including a professional boxing debut against Jake Paul.

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Nate Diaz has caught the eye of BFKC leader, David Feldman

And with rumblings of an incoming decision on his fighting future, Diaz garnered the attention from the above-mentioned, Feldman – whom expressed his interest in discussing terms with the fan-favorite.

“The money’s on the table for him [Nate Diaz],” David Feldman told MMA Fighting during a recent interview. “It’s just a matter now of does he want to fight bare knuckle? That’s all it really is. I’m confident he can make more money with us than he can anywhere else, even fighting Jake Paul. Because if you know what he’s been paying those guys, they’ve been making decent money, don’t get me wrong. The pay-per-views have been doing decent and he can get some upside but I think if he fought a guy like Mike Perry with bare knuckles, I think that’s probably his most popular option out there that he’s going to get the most eyeballs on that.”

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“We’re definitely scheduled to take next week and we’ll see if we can lock that down,” Feldman explained. “It’s a goal of mine and sometimes when I put goals in front of me, I don’t let anything stop me from getting there so I hope that’s one of them as well.” 

In addition to Nate Diaz, Feldman also revealed the promotion were looking at another UFC veteran, in the form of former lightweight champion, Eddie Alvarez, who recently departed ONE Championship.

“We’re talking to [Eddie Alvarez],” Feldman explained. “He has a couple other options on the table. It’s a hard choice for him. He’s a guy who’s a legend in MMA and going over to bare knuckle, like a lot of these guys, he’s not really at the end of his career – I’m not going to say he’s in the prime of his career but he’s not at the end where he has no other options.”

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“He has options with all the other MMA organizations in the world but it is something that we’re talking about and we hope to have an answer early next week,” Feldman said. “We did our job to try to get him over to BKFC and if that works, that’s great. I like him. He’s a fellow Philly guy so that would be amazing to have someone like that on our roster but we’ll know within the next week.”