Mo DeReese understands that his fight at PFL 6 against Bruno Cappelozza is “do or die” for his chances at PFL gold in the 2021 season.

DeReese sat down with Low Kick MMA ahead of his last regular-season fight at PFL 6 this Friday, June 25. He shared the pride he experienced being named head coach for a high school wrestling team. DeReese also shared how coaching has helped him be a better fighter.

“It’s different when you coach. And then I also feel that when I coach, it helps me look at the sport from a different angle. Where when I’m competing or doing it, I’m not looking at. So then I can critique myself when I train and, you know, and remember the things that I’m looking and seeing when I’m doing it. And I think it definitely helps me with actually, you know, being a better athlete.”

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DeReese will need that insight as he tries to take out Bruno Cappelozza. The latter is currently atop the heavyweight standings and has already secured his spot in the PFL playoffs. Finished by Denis Goltsov in his first fight of the season at PFL 3, DeReese needs a first-round finish to ensure the necessary points to move on to the playoffs.

No one understands this better than DeReese himself.

“He’s [Cappelozza] got him a spot in the playoffs. I don’t know how that’s going to affect him coming into the fight. Me, as you know, I’m coming for the first-round finish. Cause that’s pretty much what I have to get. You know, and if I get a victory, you know, there’s a possibility I might, it depends on what everybody else does, [get a playoff spot]. But yeah, if I get a first-round [KO] I pretty much secure my spot [in the playoffs], especially taken out, you know, the number one. So I just got to go in there and give it my best and let everything go. And I’m going to live or die on that shield. So it’s going to be fun.” 

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Do you think Mo DeReese can turn it around and secure his spot in the PFL heavyweight division playoffs?