MMA Twitter Reacts to Tyron Woodley’s Leaked Sex Tape: ‘His Best Finish Since 2018’

Tyron Woodley Sex Tape

Tyron Woodley’s 2024 is off to a bad start and it’s only January 1.

On New Year’s Day, fight fans shared a variety of reactions after discovering that someone leaked a video of former the UFC welterweight world champion engaging in a sex act. Needless to say, MMA Twitter went absolutely off the rails and we’re here to share you with some of the more entertaining takes.

However, we will not be sharing the video itself or any links to it. After all, leaking videos of this nature is a crime unless explicitly approved by all parties involved. But if your curiosity does get the best of you, it’s not very hard to find. Chances are, you’ve already seen it regardless of whether or not you sought it out.

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Tyron Woodley tried to bring GSP and Nick Diaz back into the fight game

After suffering four straight losses inside the Octagon, Tyron Woodley largely walked away from MMA to pursue other financial opportunities. Most notably, he competed in back-to-back boxing bouts against social media sensation Jake Paul. He lost the first meeting via a split decision but was left unconscious following a sixth-round knockout in their follow-up clash.

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Woodley was recently in the news, claiming that he had offered Octagon icons Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz “a dumb bag” to make their return to MMA under his promotional company The Realest International Promotion, aka TRIP.

“I’m looking to fight guys that are legendary to me,” Woodley told TMZ, “that I feel like may not have gotten the respect and the money that they should have gotten when they were at the top of the top. Like Georges St-Pierre, I offered him a dumb bag. He said no. ‘I’m not in that world anymore.’ I offered Nick Diaz a dumb bag. When I say dumb, I mean pushing to eight figures, a lot of money. … They both said no.

“Sorry, Nick didn’t say no. Nick liked the comment, so I don’t know what that means. But people that I respect, people that I thought were GOATs, and now that the money is coming to the sport, I want to go to those people first to get them paid with me because it’s a partnership. Whether I like Jake (Paul) or not, I was a business partner with him for two fights. This is a business, you got a partner, it’s not choreographed” (h/t MMA Junkie).

Woodley has not competed since the December 2021 scrap with Jake Paul, but it’s nice to see that ‘The Chosen One’ is keeping himself busy elsewhere.