Prior to BKFC 41, some promising bouts came together and during its main event, Mike Perry certainly brought the violence.

The 185 pound main event lasted just two rounds in Broomfield, Colorado, as Perry extended his undefeated run with BKFC, finishing Luke Rockhold by TKO.

Mike Perry moved to 3-0 under the BKFC banner with his win over Luke Rockhold

Speaking with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Perry analyzed his brutal display and claims he knew the exact moment Rockhold’s teeth shattered.

“I felt that in my fist, his teeth went into it, for sure,” Mike Perry said. “I was just like, whatever that was, I can’t wait to land that again and feel that again. I wanna feel that in my knuckles again.”

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Perry has always been a fan favourite among the MMA community for his amusing choice of words and lack of care in serious situations.

Meanwhile Rockhold, who was once the UFC middleweight champion, has been going through a rough patch. He suffered defeat in his final three appearances with the UFC, and came out unsuccessful in his BKFC debut.

Perry, who was hit hard early in the fight, overcame Rockhold’s heavy hit and overwhelmed the former UFC champion with a series of vicious strikes.

“I was just like, ‘Oh,’ because I wanted the win to look like right after I hit him,” Mike Perry said. “But he ate that shot. But then, he was like, ‘Damn, I don’t wanna take it again.’ It’s more than just the lip, it’s more than just the teeth shot. And yes, I caused that. I guess I hit him in the lip, which busted those teeth — that all went through.”

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After experiencing the pure violence of bare knuckle fighting, Rockhold hinted that BKFC 41 would likely be his only appearance with the organization, stating that he’s happy he got to experience it, but a pair of gloves is likely what he’s pursuing next.

Perry was quick to defend his performance against those who claimed Rockhold simply gave up. ‘Platinum’ told Helwani he did more than enough to break Rockhold in quick fashion.

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“He’s got like two black eyes,” Mike Perry said. “He’s got a lump on his face. So I hit him with more shots, but it’s like I was hitting him so fast, it was hard for people to see where the shot happened, when it happened, why he quit.”

Rockhold may be departing BKFC for good, but Perry will likely continue to put on a show for his fans and look to extend his three-fight win streak.