Mike Perry Gets His Nose Mangled After War With Vicente Luque (Video)

Mike Perry

Mike Perry and Vicente Luque just put on some beautiful violence in the UFC Uruguay co-main event.

The show is currently underway as of this writing, and both Perry and Luque put on a Fight Of The Night contender. The pair exchanged heavy leather, both landing massive shots, but it was Perry who was cut up the most from the scrap. He suffered two cuts under both his eyes early in the first round.

As blood continued to gush throughout the continuation of the bout, Perry decided to try and get things to the ground in the third round. He ate a huge knee on his way in, which ultimately mangled his nose. The result was a completely disfigured nose for Perry, which you can check out in the video below:

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After the takedown, Luque decided to pull guard and lock in a guillotine choke. As he continued to squeeze, blood gushed out of Perry’s head profusely. He was eventually able to escape, and reigned down shots from the top as the round came to an end.

Ultimately, it was not enough for “Platinum,” who lost via split decision. However, he’ll likely receive a nice bonus for his performance tonight, which was nothing short of spectacular.

What do you think about Perry’s mangled nose after his war with Luque?