The next fight on the main card is between Michel Pereira Lima and Zelim Imadaev.

Round 1: Pereira opens with a front kick to the body before missing with a jab. The two continue to read eachother, before Pereira attempts to land a high kick. Pereira connects with a stiff jab. Imadaev puts on the pressure attempting to land a jab of his own. Pereira fakes a flying knee. Imadaev lands a low kick. Pereira gets backed to the cage and explodes with a jab. the two exchange as Pereira lands a flying knee on the break. He then lands a hard right hand before attempting a showtime kick that partially lands. Pereira continues the pressure landing a nice one two, he then backs Imadaev to the cage with a jab before knocking him down with a right hand in teh centre of the octagon. He continues to showboat before landing another one two. The right hand continues to land before Imadaev throws back a heavy low kick. Pereira lands a nice body kick before some showboating and closing the round with a knee.

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Round 2: Pereira pressure Imadaev to the cage who lands a nice counter right hand. The two exchange front kicks to the body before Pereira attempts a flying knee that is stuffed by a low kick. Pereira attempts to roll into an up kick but is quick to return to the feet. Pereira lands some open-handed strikes. Imadaev attempts a takedown taking Pereira to the cage before having the position reversed. The two separate and Imadaev attempts a flurry of heavy shots. The two begin to trade in the center of the octagon. Pereira lands a heavy jab dealing with some visible damage to the nose of Imadaev. The final seconds of the round sees the two trade in the center of the octagon.

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Round 3: Imadaev opens with a low kick, Pereira lands to the body. Pereira puts a combination together on the feet before landing a superman punch continuing with a flurry of strikes against the cage. Imadaev recovers and begins to presure Pereira to the cage. Pereira lands a massive overhand slap. Pereira continues to find a home for his jab. Pereira lands a heavy right hook on Imadaev. He continues to pressure Imadaev to the cage landing some heavy shots to the body. The showboating continues as Pereira lands more open handed strikes. Pereira secures a takedown on Imadaev. He then locks in a rear naked choke to secure a submission victory.

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Official Result: Michel Pereira Lima def. Zelim Imadaev via SUB (Rear Naked Choke) 4:39, R3