Michael Chandler Receives 22 Stitches After His Brawl With Justin Gaethje

Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler had to get 22 stitches after putting on a show with Justin Gaethje at UFC 268.

Chandler and Gaethje put on an instant classic fight and went down as one of the best fights in the history of the promotion. Both men had to leave the building in an ambulance after their three round war. Chandler, visually took the worst of the strikes, but still landed some bombs of his own on Gaethje.

TMZ Sports shared a video of Chandler getting stitched up after the fight.

Chandler has been in good spirits since his loss against Gaethje. He went inside the octagon ready to put on a show, and he did not disappoint whatsoever. There were many times when it looked like Chandler was about to get knocked out, but he just kept coming forward. He even was getting hit with his hands down and yelling for Gaethje to hit him harder.

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Chandler also put up a hilarious video of himself in an ice mask while talking to his son that MMA fans loved.

A future bout with Conor McGregor may be on the horizon for Michael Chandler

Chandler had a quick respectful back and forth with Conor McGregor on Twitter that hinted at the two possibly meeting inside the octagon. Conor McGregor didn’t seem to be as enthused about the matchup as Chandler is. Obviously a fight between himself and McGregor would be the biggest payday of Chandler’s career. It would also be a really good test for McGregor and would provide a great chess match between the two.

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Chandler is known for his relentless pressure that he puts on opposing fighters, while McGregor is one of the greatest counter striker to ever step foot inside the octagon. MMA fans would undoubtedly be excited for that fight if it is booked in 2022.

Is the Gaethje vs Chandler fight a top 10 fight you’ve ever seen?